Tuesday, March 28, 2017

weh island, aceh.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pulau weh aceh

island weh located in western indonesia precisely
in aceh, this beach can anesthetize or attract tourists
who come to this beach, although the island is not too
popular among tourists indonesia, it does not mean
the island weh had no lodging is limited, if you visit
the island this you can rent accommodation prices
are still friendly or not too expensive, this is sometimes
were snorkling and diving.

one of the activities that we can do not only snorkeling
and diving course we can also enjoy the beauty of the
sunrise is beautiful with views of the beaches are so
beautiful to enjoy, this beach has a lot of natural
potential is very beautiful and diverse.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Nihiwatu beach, sumba.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai nihiwatu sumba

nihiwatu beach has a characteristic white sand beaches
and has an area of about 2,5 km, the enchanting beauty
of nihiwatu beach is no doubt, not many indonesian
people who know the existence of this beach because
the distance is far enough. this beach is famous for its
big waves and fits for surfing activity.

Not only activity that's all we can do at this beach but
we also diving. for foreign tourists Nihiwatu beach is
also known for the speed Left God Waves, making a
lot of surfers from around the world who come to try
the waves on beaches nihiwatu. for those of you who
want to expeience the beauty of nihiwatu beach, you
have to first hire a villa that has been managed by
international resort.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

beach gili trawangan, lombok.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai gili trawangan

this beach is located on the island of  nusa tenggara
west in the city of Lombok, this beach has a charm
that is very beautiful in terms of the environment
and scenery, the environment was clean and well
maintained, the scenery  was very beautiful and
suitable for a vacation and to refleshing.

the beach is also suitable for swimming because the
waves were very calm and nice to see the view of the
sunrise because the state beaches are very beautiful,
in Gili Trawangan we also can see the martial arts
called presean, activities to do here is scuba diving,
snorkling, and other.

Monday, March 20, 2017

pink beaches,the island of komodo

Gambar terkait

the beach is in accordance with the name of"pink beach"
because of the color pink sand and rocks and coral that
adds to the beauty of the evironment around the coast,
the beach is located in the komodo national park, east
nusa tenggara. komodo national park area, besides being
a pink sandy beaches, it is also a habitat for cold-blooded
animals, namely komodo living from the ancient times.

the national park komodo already at inaugurated become
one of the wonders of the world, in addition to its beaches
are unique and beautiful, animals under the sea was growing
well and maintained, underwater park pink is already a places
of various kinds of fish, and a variety of rocks and reefs beautiful
and well preserved.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

pandawa beach, Bali.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai pandawa bali

turkish pandawa is a beautiful beach is on less
interesting to the beach the other in bali besides
the beach is also access to its facilities and
infrastructure was recently repaired, it can be
seen from the towering, it is clear the beach
is later is the destination best tour on the
island of bali because we can enjoy the beauty
of nature.

Towering limestone hills and cleanly adds to the
beauty of the surrounding environment, as well as
statues of the five pandavas who will welcome the
tourists. at the corner of the limestone walls of the
pandawa coast there are five pandavas with a height
of about five meters wide and about 2,5 meters as a
symbol of this beach amplifier.

island kakaban

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pulau kakaban kalimantan

island that is  still well preserved natural beauty with this is
one of the islands of the two worlds that have jellyfish lake.
to reach the island which has 774,2 hectares, weh have to lake
a boat from the pier Tanjung Batu partnered with the distance
of about one hour, before reacing to theisland kakaban we
could see a bit of the beauty of the island semama.

Arriving in kakaban, tourists are greeted by a long bridge
that is in the end and it say "welcome to the island kakaban".
tourists who want snorkling and swimming and to bring their
own tools in the lake in the forest will be charged Rp 20 thousand.
uniquely in the lake there are four jenos jellyfish are still alive
and well and awake as mastigias papua, casiopea, and Aurelia.

Beach Derawan, east borneo.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai derawan kalimantan timur

Derawan beach is one of the wonderful attractions, in the
region east borneo. in recent years this place is one of the
goals as the belle of exotic place in indonesia. the object
of interest, both in the garden and beautiful coral and beautiful,
soft white sand and of course the natural cruising the beautiful
and enchanting.

there is also the beauty of the coastal waters of  Derawan
to dive and snorkling. there is also a breending hawksbill
and green turtles. jellyfish are benigs as well as other personal
data that is beautiful and charming, this time there again
in the wake of the aitport which is in berau that can serve
the wide-bodied aircraft. in addition there is also a resort
and hotel facilities.

Friday, March 17, 2017

parangtritis beach

Gambar terkait

Parangtritisvery famous beach located in a privileged 
area of yogyakarta, parangtritis beach has beautiful
scenery and charming fit for travel with family and 
relatives with the same or close friends, not just the
beautiful scenery only indigenous population was 
friendly and nice.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai parangtritis

this attraction has been managedwell by the government
of bantul like lodging facilities would also markets hawking
souvenirs typical of the area, there is also a banon the coast
that should not be wearing light green if it were on the beach.
parangtritis beach become a major tourists visits.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

5 Indonesian specialties

Indonesian food is known for its delicious taste and temping
there are plenty of typical Indonesian food that is already
famous among travelers from snacks to nutrition foods.

the firsh one i fried rice.

the fried rice is the food that we ofthen encounter in the
restaurant and a small ahop in a side street with a distinctive
taste of food is widely enjoyed by the children and adults
once did because of his nervous very nice to add zing.

the second  is rendang.

the second is rendang foods that this one has a very strong taste.
the base material is a spice, usually when people are cooking
rendang padang will have a delicious flavor and distinctive,
moreover, the meat is soft and will be suitable when combined
with rice is still warm.

the third is a meatball.

this food comes from java and has a delicious flavor and delicious,
and if food is still warm will taste better, the food is made from
beef and chicken, and some vegetables to supplement it's unique,
and there is a mixture of spices other kitchen and most importantly
in this meal is soup.

the fourth is soto

the food is the same texture as the food I described earlier, namely
mmeatballs difference is of the from of meat, if meat meatballs made
into round like a ball ping balls and meat soup if only chopped or crushed.

the fifth is the sate

sate is foods that rae baked on the  coals until cooked, sate has a very
distinctiveflavor, is made of herbs and spices selection, when mixed
with rice or rice cake then it will be more delicious and make a full

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

labuan cermin

Hasil gambar untuk gambar labuan cermin

Labuan Cermin lake is a lake that is very pretty and beaytiful
is not only the surrounding scenery but also the water is very
clear and clean, the water in the

lake has two layers of the toplayer has a fresh taste and a
 bottom layer has a fres flavor.

Gambar terkait

besides the lake labuan cermin that has a very clear water clarity
we also can see a very beautiful bay

sulaiman, to reach up to theLabuan Cermin is nt easy and simple,
we have to pay when Igot there. residents there was on friendly to tourists.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai sulaiman kalimantan

lake Labuan Cermin is also there are two kind of animals are
freshwater, animal on top and animal saltwater and reef at the

bottom of the lake, not only in Labuan Cermin who has a baeutiful
view on the lake there is a very beautiful beach that is sulaiman coast,
the landscape is no less beautiful with the lake Labuan Cermin.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Labuan Bajo

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai labuan bajo

indonesia is famous for its beautiful natural and well preserved, and in indonesia many tourists attractions, and the famous Bali, not only in Bali only in eastern indonesia is equally beautiful is Labuan Bajo frequented

by foreigh tourists fromsharing parts of the world Labuan Bajo
 familiar with the beauty of the beach  and
beautiful natural and well preserved.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar labuan bajo

labuan Bajo is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and coral reffs are clean
but no less beautiful and immaculately preserved therefore we as tourists should
be able to maintain the authenticity and beauty of the coral reffs and also maintain
the cleanliness of the beach and its waters.

Komodo island

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pulau komodo

Komodo island is famous habitat for native animals dragonsare maintained by local governments and residents around the

island, therefore we as local and foreigh travelers should
keep the  endangered Komodo dragon populations.

Gambar terkait

currently the popilation of dragons in indonesia about 3000
tail and threatened to be reduced, and there was some sort
of coral reefs. at least there are about 253 species of coral

reefs shaped, and there was found about 1.000 species fish.
these reefs attract foreigh tourists to swim or dive aroun
the island.

Raja Ampat

Hasil gambar untuk gambar raja ampat

Raja Ampat is famous for its beautiful scenery and landscape is
still beautiful, Raja Ampat often the arrival of local and foreigh
tourists want to see the country  for its natural beauty that is stillwell preserved not only the local population is very friendly provided
we do not make a mes,besides raja ampat in papua also Labuan Bajo
and Komodo islannd.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar terumbu karang raja ampat

Raja Ampat was already popular among tourists because of its beaches,
diving hobby for which there was no places for divers to channellinghid hobby and coral reefs is still well preserved, so they can see
the underwater beauty of a pristine and well preserved.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

mount Bromo

Hasil gambar untuk gambar gunung bromo

mount Bromo is an active volcano in indonesia precisely
in east java incluce the four cities of the town Probolinggo,
Pasuruan, Lumajang, and the city of Malang, east java. as
an active volcano mount Bromo also be the purpose for
traveling  in eastern java.

situations active volcano make mount Bromo attract

the eyes of local tourists want any foreigh counries,
therefore, encouraged also to the tourists to remain
cautious when visiting the mountain due to the
mountain is still active today.

Teletubies hill or some kindof savanna

Gambar terkait

savanna is also regarded as Teletubies hill of mount Bromo because it has hills and beautiful

Rinjani beauty of mountains located in LOMBOK

LOMBOK  not only the beauty of its beaches just was not less
beautiful mountain like mount Rinjani, mount Rinjani is located
in LOMBOK, west nusa tenggara and entred into mount Rinjani
national park area.

at the peak you will see a very large caldera there is also a
beautiful lake, scenery at the top is very beautiful, and
enough to pay fatigue while climbing the mountain. if you
have enough time you can go down and into the crater &
fishing  there in the lake there are many fish such as tilapia
and carp.

climbing the mountain peak Rinjani can also pass from two
places, namely senaru door with a height og 600 M above
sea level and can also pass through the door sembalun with
a height of 1150 M above sea level. doors sembalun more
preferred because if is close to the peak and can save energy.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar gunung rinjani

Gambar terkait

Saturday, March 11, 2017

5 beautiful beaches eastern java

malang is one of the cities in indonesia and there a lot of sights that
 you much visit when traveling,because a lot of very beautiful place,
 should we visit when traveling there.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai sipelot malang the first one is the beach sipelot,
the name of this beach is not enough famous because it is new and
the nature is still awake this beach can not be made to swim because
the waves were quite large and very dangerous to be made to swim.

Gambar terkait the second is bajul mati beach, beach
is also no exess bajul mati that nature is beautiful and lovely hills stretching
therefore the place is very suitable for day trips it's in malang eastern java.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai ngateb malang the third nganteb coast beach is quite popular for
surfers even if the waves are not too high but equally to be made surfing, if you visit
when saturday and sunday many tourists who traveled.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai kondang merak malang the fourth beach famous kondang merak, a kondang
merak beach of beach is quite well know for a lot of moss off the coast the moss and
not only on the fringes of the beach that there is also a small octopus and small fish
that add the beauty of the beach.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai goa cina malang the fifth goa cina, the original name of the beach
is the beach rowo indah, this beach also has a beautiful view of the presence
or the coral islands which complement the beauty of the beach.

existing tourist attractions in the malang eastern Java

malang apple  green, and not only was this malang town famous for tourist attractions, such as stone city malang and beacg ngateb, beach ngateb not so well know and is still relatively new, other than the beach ngateb there also beaches in malang whose name beach sipelot and many more.

Gambar terkait this is a picture of the beach ngateb.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai sipelot malang and this is a picture of the beach sipelot.

as I mentioned at the beginning of malang town famous for apple green and the name of the apple in the malang include apples manalagi were being hunted by the order to each person who treveled in malang, the second there are apples rome beauty looks like the apple where alse and has a color red becomes dominant, and the third is from the apple ana, ana apple shape different from the second apple.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar apel manalagi this is apple manalagi derived from the malang.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar apel rome beauty this is apple rome beauty that comes from the malang.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar apel ana and another one that comes from malang apples are apples ana.

Friday, March 10, 2017

base from which to tour when in Indonesia

                      Indonesia is famous for its customs and culture very much because it was a lot of local and foreign tourists who chose the places in indonesia for a picnic, and a lot of places in indonesia could create traveled as labuan bajo whose place in east nusa tenggara, lombok in west nusa tenggara.
  this is a photo where the tour is in labuan bajo, east nusa tenggara.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar labuan bajo

  this is a photo of beach labuan bajo, east nusa tenggara.

Gambar terkait

and this is beach nawun in west nusa tenggara.

                     And the frequent arrival of the tourists  is bali, bali not only to recognize but also because the customs and culture of bali is picnics, recreaction places in bali, the kuta beach and the island of gods.
Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai kuta di bali

             this is the kuta bali. 

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pulau dewata

            and this is a picture of the paradise island of bali.


                        and not just a place to retreat traveled there also in java, namely in madura  and malang, and many other tourist attractions that exist in indonesia.