Saturday, March 18, 2017

Beach Derawan, east borneo.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai derawan kalimantan timur

Derawan beach is one of the wonderful attractions, in the
region east borneo. in recent years this place is one of the
goals as the belle of exotic place in indonesia. the object
of interest, both in the garden and beautiful coral and beautiful,
soft white sand and of course the natural cruising the beautiful
and enchanting.

there is also the beauty of the coastal waters of  Derawan
to dive and snorkling. there is also a breending hawksbill
and green turtles. jellyfish are benigs as well as other personal
data that is beautiful and charming, this time there again
in the wake of the aitport which is in berau that can serve
the wide-bodied aircraft. in addition there is also a resort
and hotel facilities.

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