Friday, March 10, 2017

base from which to tour when in Indonesia

                      Indonesia is famous for its customs and culture very much because it was a lot of local and foreign tourists who chose the places in indonesia for a picnic, and a lot of places in indonesia could create traveled as labuan bajo whose place in east nusa tenggara, lombok in west nusa tenggara.
  this is a photo where the tour is in labuan bajo, east nusa tenggara.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar labuan bajo

  this is a photo of beach labuan bajo, east nusa tenggara.

Gambar terkait

and this is beach nawun in west nusa tenggara.

                     And the frequent arrival of the tourists  is bali, bali not only to recognize but also because the customs and culture of bali is picnics, recreaction places in bali, the kuta beach and the island of gods.
Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai kuta di bali

             this is the kuta bali. 

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pulau dewata

            and this is a picture of the paradise island of bali.


                        and not just a place to retreat traveled there also in java, namely in madura  and malang, and many other tourist attractions that exist in indonesia.

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