Thursday, March 16, 2017

5 Indonesian specialties

Indonesian food is known for its delicious taste and temping
there are plenty of typical Indonesian food that is already
famous among travelers from snacks to nutrition foods.

the firsh one i fried rice.

the fried rice is the food that we ofthen encounter in the
restaurant and a small ahop in a side street with a distinctive
taste of food is widely enjoyed by the children and adults
once did because of his nervous very nice to add zing.

the second  is rendang.

the second is rendang foods that this one has a very strong taste.
the base material is a spice, usually when people are cooking
rendang padang will have a delicious flavor and distinctive,
moreover, the meat is soft and will be suitable when combined
with rice is still warm.

the third is a meatball.

this food comes from java and has a delicious flavor and delicious,
and if food is still warm will taste better, the food is made from
beef and chicken, and some vegetables to supplement it's unique,
and there is a mixture of spices other kitchen and most importantly
in this meal is soup.

the fourth is soto

the food is the same texture as the food I described earlier, namely
mmeatballs difference is of the from of meat, if meat meatballs made
into round like a ball ping balls and meat soup if only chopped or crushed.

the fifth is the sate

sate is foods that rae baked on the  coals until cooked, sate has a very
distinctiveflavor, is made of herbs and spices selection, when mixed
with rice or rice cake then it will be more delicious and make a full

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