Saturday, March 18, 2017

island kakaban

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pulau kakaban kalimantan

island that is  still well preserved natural beauty with this is
one of the islands of the two worlds that have jellyfish lake.
to reach the island which has 774,2 hectares, weh have to lake
a boat from the pier Tanjung Batu partnered with the distance
of about one hour, before reacing to theisland kakaban we
could see a bit of the beauty of the island semama.

Arriving in kakaban, tourists are greeted by a long bridge
that is in the end and it say "welcome to the island kakaban".
tourists who want snorkling and swimming and to bring their
own tools in the lake in the forest will be charged Rp 20 thousand.
uniquely in the lake there are four jenos jellyfish are still alive
and well and awake as mastigias papua, casiopea, and Aurelia.

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