Tuesday, March 14, 2017

labuan cermin

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Labuan Cermin lake is a lake that is very pretty and beaytiful
is not only the surrounding scenery but also the water is very
clear and clean, the water in the

lake has two layers of the toplayer has a fresh taste and a
 bottom layer has a fres flavor.

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besides the lake labuan cermin that has a very clear water clarity
we also can see a very beautiful bay

sulaiman, to reach up to theLabuan Cermin is nt easy and simple,
we have to pay when Igot there. residents there was on friendly to tourists.

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lake Labuan Cermin is also there are two kind of animals are
freshwater, animal on top and animal saltwater and reef at the

bottom of the lake, not only in Labuan Cermin who has a baeutiful
view on the lake there is a very beautiful beach that is sulaiman coast,
the landscape is no less beautiful with the lake Labuan Cermin.

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