Monday, March 27, 2017

Nihiwatu beach, sumba.

Hasil gambar untuk gambar pantai nihiwatu sumba

nihiwatu beach has a characteristic white sand beaches
and has an area of about 2,5 km, the enchanting beauty
of nihiwatu beach is no doubt, not many indonesian
people who know the existence of this beach because
the distance is far enough. this beach is famous for its
big waves and fits for surfing activity.

Not only activity that's all we can do at this beach but
we also diving. for foreign tourists Nihiwatu beach is
also known for the speed Left God Waves, making a
lot of surfers from around the world who come to try
the waves on beaches nihiwatu. for those of you who
want to expeience the beauty of nihiwatu beach, you
have to first hire a villa that has been managed by
international resort.

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