Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rinjani beauty of mountains located in LOMBOK

LOMBOK  not only the beauty of its beaches just was not less
beautiful mountain like mount Rinjani, mount Rinjani is located
in LOMBOK, west nusa tenggara and entred into mount Rinjani
national park area.

at the peak you will see a very large caldera there is also a
beautiful lake, scenery at the top is very beautiful, and
enough to pay fatigue while climbing the mountain. if you
have enough time you can go down and into the crater &
fishing  there in the lake there are many fish such as tilapia
and carp.

climbing the mountain peak Rinjani can also pass from two
places, namely senaru door with a height og 600 M above
sea level and can also pass through the door sembalun with
a height of 1150 M above sea level. doors sembalun more
preferred because if is close to the peak and can save energy.

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