Saturday, June 10, 2017

5 of best tourist attractions in indonesia

           indonesia is the largest archipelagic country
in the world. with the number of islands that reach
about 13.000 islands, indonesia hasn many unique
places, unique and beautiful.

1. the island of bali
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          this island is the largest tourist assets in
indonesia, on several occasions, the island of
the gods included in the list of the most beautiful
island by traveling magazines and onlide media.
bali is a world class tourist destination. ideal
place for vacation by local and foreign tourist.

2. Lombok island
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           Lombok has beaches that are not less
beautiful than the island of bali. compared
to bali, the beaches in Lombok are much
quiter than the bali, so we can feel the real

          one of the most beautiful places on the
island of Lombok is mountain rinjani which
also offers trekking tours with very beautiful
scenery in southeast asia. A beautiful lakeside
lake located at an altitude of 2.000 mdpl to
complement the beauty of mountain Rinjani.

3. Raja Ampat Archipelago
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           the islands in west papua have magical
power that makes many people fascinated by
the scenery is very beautiful. the island with
a fascinating view as well as underwater
world tahat is not less beautiful which has
a diverse range of beautiful coral reefs to
complement the beauty of the island of
Raja Ampat.

4. Lake Toba
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            Lake Toba is not an ordinary lake, lake
Toba is a vulcanic lake that bears the little of
the largest lake. lake Toba has a langth of 100
km with a width of 30 km. in the middle of the
lake has an inhabited island of samosir island.
itself was formed because of the eruption of
Toba mountain around 73.000 - 75.000 years

5. Komodo National Park
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         Komodo National Park is a place where
you can see the  giant ancient lizards that are
still alive today, and live wildly in their natural
habitat. this national park itself  has also heritage
site by UNESCO.

in addition to viewing ancient giant lizards we
can also enjoy the stunning natural beauty of
the marine park in Komodo National Park.