Monday, August 21, 2017

3 famous historical buildings in indonesia


Monas or national monument located in the mindst of the capital
city of jakarta is a history that is enshrined in order to remain in
the memory until anytime. This monument is crowned with a
flame-lined tongue of fire that symbolizes the spirit of a fiery 
stuggle. National monument and museum is open every day 
starting at 08.00 - 15.00 pm. on monday the last weekend of 
aechmonth is closed to the public.


after the center of government of the republic of indonesia 
returned to jakarta after previously domiciled in yogyakarta
in 1950 following the recognition of the sovereignty of the 
repiblic of indonesia by the dutch goverment in 1949, president
soekarno began working on or build a national monument
as high as eiffel tower in the field right in front of the state 

Borobudur temple

Borobudur temple is indonesia's cultular heritage that has been 
crowned world heritage by UNESCO. Beautiful and majestic
buildings and architectural details of many people who want 
to visit the building because of the beauty of shades and shapes.

The origin of borobudur temple

Borobudur temple is believed to be relic of the sailendra 
dynastykingdom during the reign of samaratungga king of 
ancient mataram kingdom and was completed in the 8th 
century. a lot of mystery of the building that has not been
revealed, it is because there are no relics such as insriptions
and other clues.

the history the founding of borobudur temple is estimated
to be built in 750 AD by the syailendra kingdom which at

that time embraced the buddhist religion, the development

is very mysterious because humans in the 7th century have 
not know the high architectural calculations but borobudur 
built sophisticated architectural calculations, until now none 
which can explain how the construction and history of this 
borobudur temple. Borobudur temple has 72 pieces of magical
bell-shaped stupa, the largest bell is located in the middle of the 
temple building, and other bells around the temple.

prambanan temple 

prambanan temple or roro jongrang  temple is the largest hindhu 
temple in indonesia built in the 9th AD, this temple is dedicated
to the trimurti, the three main gods of hindhu namely brahma, wisnu, ans shiva. Prambanan including world heritage site by 
UNESCO, based on the inscriptions siwagrha the original name
of this temple is siwagrha (sanskrit which means 'house of shiva'), 
and indeed in garbhagriha (main hall) this temple sits a statue of
shiva mahadeva three meters high which shows that lord shiva 
in this temple are preferred.

surely, with  the construction of this temple indicate that hinduism
saiwa back the support of the royal family, after the sailendra dynasty tend to be more supportive mahayana buddist. it signifies
that the medang kingdom shifted its focus of religious support,
from mahayana buddhism to the worship of shiva.

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