Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ongkong Waterfall, Malqu River.

         Hi guys back again on our blog, this time I want to share to you a beautiful tourist place in the interior of Borneo, the waterfall Ongkong River Malqu, which is located in During Lingkin in Central Kalimantan. The natural beauty and the waterfall is still well preserved and beautiful, but it is located a bit far from the surrounding settlements because it's natural beauty is still well preserved, not only the scenery is very beautiful but the water is also very cold and fresh.

          Ongkong waterfalls can also cool the body, but it must be remembered that this waterfall cliff is probably very slippery, if you want to swim or jump off the cliff must prioritize safety and security for visitors to be comfortable while traveling and vacationing with family or close friends in this waterfall .

           For those who like  capture the moment or self-ria must also be careful, if you do not want to misfortune just because of taking the desired picture prioritylah personal safety and others.
 that's it from me about Ongkong Waterfall, Malqu river different in Central Kalimantan, if there is lack of apology, see you again in the next blog.

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